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Not Vag Related - Toyota Corolla

Диагностика и чиптюнинг автомобилей VAG

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Not Vag Related - Toyota Corolla

Сообщение ClintBarton » Ср июн 06, 2018 9:31 am


I have a 2003 toyota corrolla 180i gle automatic, the car has about 250 000 odd kms on it right now,the issue im having is that when the car is cold, it struggles to idle and cuts off, you have to keep your leg on the accelerator holding a constant rev or the car cuts off. however when the car is warm ( needle on heat gauge at the half way mark) the car drives and idles normally with no issues what so ever.could this be a symptom of a blocked catalytic converter or faulty throttle? reason i ask about the throttle is because when the car went to the agents for a service, they apparently said the fault is the throttle body, but somehow i am not convinced that the throttle is the problem..any help would be appreciated,

Please help.

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Сообщение miruwor » Ср июн 06, 2018 10:21 pm

You need to clean your throttle body. And it can be a dirty fuel injectors. Try to clean them too.
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